I am reading Spacetime and Geometry : An Introduction to General Relativity – by Sean M Carroll because I want to learn about Cosmology and General Relativity. To begin with at least this blog will just be the answers to his exercises plus commentaries on and questions about the book.

I studied Physics at Newcastle University for four years around 1975. We barely touched on relativity. I have done no maths or physics since then. When I started the book I had to relearn elementary calculus. Contravariant, covariant vectors, bigger tensors, Latex, the MS-Word equation editor and many other things were unknown territory. The old things come fairly easily, the new more slowly. Both have been enormous fun.

I bought the book from BestStore4Books on Amazon in November 2017 and got seriously working on it in 2018 when I wrote the answers to two exercises in March.

My edition of the book says on the third printed page,
"Second Impression 2017
This edition is manufactured in India and is authorized for sale only in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Circulation of this edition outside these territories is UNAUTHORIZED."
I hope my copy is legal. I live in Germany. BestStore4Books posted it to me there.

My name is George Keeling. I live in Berlin only about 750 m from where Einstein lived at Haberland Strasse 5. I was born 17 April 1955 a day before he died. Two remarkable coincidences.

You can contact me at george@general-relativity.net or leave a comment on the blog.


  1. Really? At University when you were 10? AH

  2. Thanks! Corrected that **1975**

  3. I'm studying physics right now and taking my first course in GR. Your blog has been a wonderful resource for checking my own work and getting a push in the right direction when I'm stuck.

    Thank you so much for making this available to us who also have an interest in cosmology and relativity!