Sunday 21 April 2019

3-D Graph plotter Version 2

Paul showed me how to write VBA for an Excel spreadsheet. David had also urged me to look at the Timer function in VBA to speed up production of animations on the 3-D Graph plotter. I dedicate this post to Paul and David.

Inspired by both of them I have put an animation feature in the 3-D graph plotter and here are the results.  All the movies had to be adjusted in html to make them bigger. The old method of screenshots into a .gif file is shown. It has some merits. I used the MS-Windows screen recorder to produce the .mp4 file. It is very clunky. It would be nice to be able to delineate the area of the screen one wished to record more precisely.

The geodesic plotter, I am still working on the equations :-(
On youtube here which is bigger 
Original mp4 here which is bigger and clearer.
Excel file here.

The same sphere produced painstakingly from 36 screenshots each 10° apart.

The cube from an .mp4 file loaded directly onto Blogger. Excel file here.

The cube from the.mp4 file first uploaded to Youtube. On Youtube here.
A similar cube produced painstakingly from 44 screenshots.

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