Monday 25 March 2019


I have sent this list of eight corrections I have found to date to the author, Sean Carroll. There is one extra (p.148) which I only found by peeking at a reprint of the question.

Chapter 1
p.24 just before equation (1.68) it reads "There is also the Levi-Civita symbol a (0,4) tensor." Surely it is not a tensor.

Chapter 2

p.81 Figure 2.26 fig 2.26 shows a singularity at a point p and the text discusses a point p that is in the future of the singularity. ( part 2)

Possible error
p. 82 Equation (2.66) could be much simpler if μ'1 μ'2 ...μ'n = 01...(n-1). (It's more streamlined.)
This is trued but if the simplified for was given, the next equation would not work! (GK)

Chapter 3
p.96 equation (3.10) for the connection transformation law. The + sign should be -. (

Possible error
p.99 definition of torsion-free (connection symmetric in lower indices) given as Γλμν = Γλ(μν). Surely Γλμν = Γλνμ. would be clearer? (

Exercise 6(a) should end "Which clock ticks faster?" I picked this up from

p. 427 equation (A.11) ϕ is used to mean two different things: a map and a polar coordinate. (

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