Saturday 24 November 2018

Commentary 2.4 Tensors again - transformation law for general tensors

In section 2.4 the we meet the powerful but intimidating transformation law for general tensors (his 2.30)

that is followed by a simple example with a rank (0,2) tensor in a 2 dimensional coordinate system with a transformation to another 2 dimensional system. He derived the the transformed tensor without using the above law but encouraged us to do so and see if the answer was the same. I did and it was. The tensors and the transformation become much simpler and comprehensible.

I also explained more about his equations on the way, including where the missing ⨂'s were, and tried to simplify the transformation law. Putting the primes higher up in the chain helps a bit:

but that was as far as it went.

Read it all 3 pages here at Commentary 2.4 Tensors again.pdf

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