Sunday 19 August 2018

Links broken!

Sadly on 19th August I accidentally deleted all the files in my Space time and geometry. I then recovered them from the Microsoft bin. That was a mistake because it changed the URLs of all the files in the directory, so many links prior to this date are broken. If you need to find a file whose link is broken please look at the List of All File link in the LINKS section. Read more for how how to avoid this in future.

What I did wrong

When I deleted all the files in Space time and geometry they were moved to the Microsoft bin directory. At the same time Google Drive moved them to its separate bin. When I recovered the files from the Microsoft bin, Google drive dutifully created new files with new URLs. Thus the links broke.

What I should have done

I should have recovered the files from the Google bin, then they would have reappeared in the Microsoft Space time and geometry with the same URLs and no links would have been broken.

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