Sunday 29 April 2018

Exercise 1.06 Differentiation


In Euclidean three-space, let p be the point with coordinates (x,y,z )= (1,0,-1). Consider the following curves that pass through p:

(a) Calculate the components of the tangent vectors to these curves at p in the coordinate basis {∂x, y, ∂z}.

(b) Let  f = x2 + y2 - yz. Calculate df ⁄ dλ , df ⁄ dμ , df ⁄ dσ.


If like me you are a bit rusty (40 years of rust in my case), this was a very good exercise and the Differentiation rules on Wikipedia are a handy reference.

Click here for my answers in Ex 1.06 Differentiation.pdf.