Monday 22 November 2021

3D-grapher at

I was practicing my tensor analysis and calculated a normal vector to a surface. I wanted to see it looked orthogonal to the surface. It didn't really. So I made a tangent plane to the surface. The normal vector still looks a bit un-orthogonal but it passes all the mathematical tests.

Paraboloid, Normal vector and tangent plane ##\phi_2\left(\vec{x}\right)=\left(x^1\right)^2+\left(x^2\right)^2-x^3=0##

You can play with this at and stop it from moving.
I also used Debut Video Capture to make a .avi from math3d and then to make the .gif. It is simpler than

Other surfaces and vectors:
Plane and normal vectors (not v)
Play at

Sine wave with normal vectors
Play at

Lots more tools on Physics Forums at 

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